Foster The People Makes Amends With Imagine Dragons

Last year I did an interview with Foster The People and we had a great chat as we always do. However there was one point where things got a bit awkward. Their front man Mark Foster made an offhand comment about Imagine Dragons. I was totally caught off guard. I have great respect for Imagine Dragons...and Foster The People. I laughed it off and quickly tried to keep things moving. However it was the shot heard round the world and it got all the way to Dan Reynolds, front man of Imagine Dragons.

Today Mark Foster responded.

Wendy Rollins

Wendy Rollins

Wendy Rollins is an unapologetic music nerd who has been making mix tapes since she was 7. She enjoys the company of stray dogs and stray humans. Music is by far one of the greatest things that has ever happened to her but her favorite sound is... Read more


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