I saw this story this morning and it brought back a ridiculous flashback because it happened to ME! 

TRUE STORY: Years ago I was at a Poison concert. My friend and I were having nothing but a good time when all of a sudden we felt something wet on the back of our legs. It was like a hot shower of liquid splattering all over us. We looked behind us and a drunk guy was just standing there, his man member sadly small and dangling as he was urinating all over us! 

The sick part was he was watching the show holding a beer! Our first mistake was turning around, but we didn't know what was happening! Our second mistake was wearing flip flops to the show. It was the MOST TRAUMATIZING thing to ever happen to me at a concert. 

I still think about it and I need therapy. I can only imagine this FAMILY .... (Metallica Story Below)

Man Arrested After Urinating on Family at Metallica Concert