$75M Of Cocaine Busted On Drug Submarine Near Puerto Rico

BUSTED! What a ball buster this had to have been for the cocaine barons. A semi-submersible sea-going vessel stuffed with cocaine was caught cruising the open waters near Puerto Rico.

Talk about a badass partnership between U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations agents and the superstars of the U.S. Coast Guard. They nailed this homemade semi-submersible with about 2500 kilos of cocaine (5512 pounds) valued at $75M! What do you think the captain of this vessel thought when he saw the entourage of agents ready to kick some ass if they didn't cooperate? I am not sure if this boat had a name or not, perhaps it should have been called "Cocaine For Life," or "Pablo's Candy?" When I owned a fishing boat we called it "The Basshole." I know, I know, I was the a$$hole in the Basshole!