Geddy Lee Honored For His Philanthropy By Artists For Peace And Justice

Photo: AFP

Rush frontman Geddy Lee was honored this past Saturday with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his philanthropy at the Artists for Peace and Justice gala in Toronto.

The gala reportedly raised $500,000 to expand education in Haiti, which was devastated by another deadly earthquake this summer in the aftermath of the assassination of its president.

Lee shared news of his award Tuesday via Instagram, but he resisted much of the credit.

"Philanthropy requires a tremendous amount of collective action and momentum to have an impact. It's the volunteers who really make it happen, the ones on the ground delivering supplies and building schools and relationships with those who have been devastated, the generous folks operating the auctions and working events from behind the scenes to make sure the most money is raised and then spent to maximum effect," he wrote.

He said he appreciates Artists for Peace and Justice because "you can see the money at work" and you can see the positive impact it has on students and graduates of the Academy in Port-au-Prince.

"That's not just patching up some hurricane damage; that's building a future," he concluded.

Speaking with ET Canada at the event Saturday, Lee admitted that he was having a hard time comprehending the award.

"I'm thankful for my blessings. You know I have a great family, I have a 45-year marriage and I had a really long career with two of my closest friends, so those are things to count your blessings about," he said.

Regarding his philanthropy, Lee says helping others is a "natural thing to do." Hopefully whatever work he's done over the years has helped push others in the right direction.

"I think all humans, really, are obligated to help each other. It's just the way I was raised, and it just seems like a natural course of events for a human being. I'm happy to help the place I live in, the community I participate in and the community that supports me. But there are other places of need that I'm happy to help as well, so when someone comes calling I usually answer."

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