Billy Corgan Stands Up For Vicky Cornell Amid Soundgarden Lawsuit Backlash

Vicky Cornell has found herself embroiled in a lawsuit with her late husband's band Soundgarden, and while she's receiving backlash from fans for seeking legal action against Chris Cornell's bandmates, another grunge legend is in her corner.

As Alternative Nation points out, Billy Corgan stood up for Vicky when a fan recently asked on Instagram “Thoughts on the situation with Vicky Cornell and Soundgarden? I feel like people are way too harsh with her.”

“Vicky is my friend and all I can say is I support her," he responded. "It’s not a matter of choosing sides as much as saying she and her family have been through a lot and that needs to be considered, especially for the children.”

In the lawsuit, Vicky claims Soundgarden's surviving members — Matt Cameron, Kim Thayil, and Ben Shepherd — are refusing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties owed to her and her children in an "unlawful attempt to strong-arm Chris' Estate into turning over certain audio recordings created by Chris before he passed away," TMZ reported earlier this month.

Thayil has been outspoken about the recordings in question, and emphasizes that the band needs to gain access to them in order to make one final Soundgarden album.

Photo: Getty Images