woman takes dump on boss desk 2

A 41-year-old New York woman won 3 million dollars Friday night and showed up to work on Monday to deliver one last package.

 As the boss walks into his office on Monday morning he knew something was odd because the door to his office was closed.  As he opened the door he saw this woman hunched over on his desk with her pants around her ankles. The manager recalls that they locked eyes and she continued with her business. He claims "I was in shock, I was in fear."

"It was worth it" the woman claims as she was being arrested and escorted out of the building.  "When I hit the lotto on Friday I knew this would be the first thing that I would do.  I hit up every Mexican shop I could over the weekend and saved it all up.  I was shuffling around like a death row inmate trying not to explode"  she goes on to explain that she has been "putting up with her bosses s*it for years and now it's time for him to put up with hers." 

Come on!  You know you're a little envious although she will probably now get sued and piss away her 3 mil.