A woman from West Los Angeles, California who won a contest with BabyNames.net -- also known as Belly Ballot -- gets $5,000 in exchange for letting the Internet to name her baby. Natasha Hill, a 26-year-old art teacher, said, "I just thought it was a really cool idea. I found it when I was online looking for baby names on different websites." Here's how it will work: The voters will be presented with a list of names chosen by Belly Ballot's owner, Lacey Moler along with staff and advertisers. Moler said product names will not be allowed, nor will names that are just "too crazy." The contest states that Hill will not be allowed to reject the name. Hill said her boyfriend thinks the voters will take this opportunity to do something "pranky." Still, she admits that even if she doesn't like the name, "There's always a nickname." Hill was one of just 80 women who entered the contest. (NBC)