1) Pizza Hut perfume. Pizza Hut's promotional Eau de Pizza Hut, released last year in Canada, has now hit the states, with a limited number of bottles being doled out to folks who tweet @PizzaHut asking for the Last Minute Lovers package, using the hashtag #LastMinuteLovers. Could be a great way to ward off a stalkish ex.
2) ThinkGeek's strange scented candles. Here's what the scents are: Teen Spirit (just like your high school deodorant), Middle Earth ("grass, rolling farmland and blue sky"), Space ("ozone" with a touch of lavender) and-get this-Vintage Arcade, which promises whiffs of "candy, pizza, and a pocket full of quarters."
3) Macaroni and cheese air freshner from Neatoshop. Who wouldn't want their car smelling like a big bowl of gloppy mac and cheese?
4) Bacon air freshner spray from Neatoshop. Believe it: It is truly possibly to spread the refreshing "artificial scent of delicious hickory smoked bacon" in any room of your home.
5) Mexican Cocoa Perfume. We are all about chocolate - in our mouths. But sprayed on pulse points? No.
6) Que Eau De Barbeque. The guys behind Pork Barrel BBQ have won awards for their 'cue sauce. Why oh why didn't they just stop there? Instead, the world is now burdened with Que, "an intoxicating bouquet of spices, smoke, meat, and sweet summer sweat."
7) Bacon by Fargginay. Touted on its website as containing "sophisticated aromas" but no animal products, these Fargginay label Bacon Gold and Bacon Classic perfumes contains "a top, middle and bottom note. The essence of bacon is the bottom note." Sorry, but that doesn't make us feel any better.
8) CB I Hate Perfume. A former scent blender at Kiehl's, Brooklyn's Christopher Brosius has a more highbrow take on his aromatic creations, premiering new scents in his Willamsburg gallery. Still, while we might be intrigued to take a whiff of some - especially Baby Aspirin, Bruschetta, California Roll, Roast Beef and Wet Mittens - we'd really never want to wear them.
9) Hotwicks urinal cake candle. Believe it: Hot Wicks has a candle that gives off the chemical scent of a urinal cake. And...yeah.
10) White Castle candle. Sadly, the White Castle burger-scented candle has gone the way of the McDonald's pizza. But we'd be truly remiss to not include this 2010 novelty in our collection.