Police in Lapeer, Michigan, who were responding to several calls they received about a young boy driving a car, arrived on the scene to find a 6-year-old boy who was on his way to get Chinese food. Sergeant Andy Engster said, "[Other motorists] told police when they called that it looked like a 6-year-old was driving the car -- and they were exactly right." By the time police got there some drivers had surrounded the car and taken the boy's keys. The unidentified boy told police that he got the keys from atop the kitchen counter and that he was on his way to get Chinese food. He also said that this was his first time driving. Engster said, "He said he'd never even sat on his dad's lap to steer the car or anything." The boy's father told police that he'd been asleep and that he had no idea his son had left the house. No one was injured during the boy's adventure but the car was damaged when he hit a street sign. (The Detroit News)