A man who allegedly crashed a stolen truck on Interstate 15 in California told police he was being chased by zombies. 19-year-old Jerimiah Hartline was a passenger in a semi but during a stop at a weigh station in Rainbow on Saturday (April 6th), he took off with the truck. While driving through Temecula he collided with a Toyota Tacoma which ended up hitting two other vehicles. Authorities said Hartline went on to hit two other cars and lost control of the semi, flipping it and blocking all the northbound lanes. A spokesman for the California Highway Patrol said Hartline then climbed into a random van and demanded a ride. The driver pulled the 19-year-old out of his van and held him until police arrived. The spokesman said Hartline told police he jumped into the van because "zombies were chasing him and he had to get out of here." No news yet on whether the young man was on drugs, but police are seeking hit-and-run and vehicle theft charges against him. (Examiner.com)