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Taking the dance music world by storm, Carnage has quickly become highly in demand on dance floors all over the world. With the support of some of the biggest artists in the industry, and his loyal Chipotle Gang, there is much more to come from the producer/DJ.

Carnage recently signed his first major record label deal and is currently working on an album. Given the diversity of his music, we asked him what he envisions the record to be and he tells iHeartRadio, "The most obnoxious, most random album ever made." He later elaborates, "The album's gonna be just sick. There'll be a lot of rap songs on there, a bunch of dance songs. I have a song that's in all Russian."

Like that's not intriguing enough, while fans wait for the producer/DJ's album, they can look forward to a new track called "Bricks," featuring hip hop group Migos. Carnage says of his upcoming track, "It's going to be amazing, it's so different."

"Bricks" is set to be released on June 17th.

Fans already know Carnage produces a variety of music, but (if you couldn't already tell by his trap beats and rap songs) it seems hip hop is in his blood. We asked him if he can rap himself and he tell us, "I'm the best rapper in the DJ game. Quote me." He also revealed what his dream rap collaboration would be. He named Soulja Boy, Lil B, and Gucci Mane ... and all one one song!  

Despite his successful hip hop and trap tracks, the road to dance music for Carnage actually began via Above & Beyond. He tells us, "I got introduced to dance music via trance and hardstyle. I love Above & Beyond, first dance song that put me into dance music." He goes on to say that the song he was referring to is Above & Beyond presents Ocean Lab's "On A Good Day."

Music aside, it's no secret that Carnage's fans Chipotle Gang also know the producer/DJ's love for food chain Chipotle. He tell us, "I just kind of went there all the time in high school with all my friends."

The one thing he always has to get when he eats there? The vinaigrette!

Carnage stopped by iHeartRadio Headquarters when he was in New York City recently, where he illustrated the top three best and worst things about his beloved Chipotle (SPOILER: There's not much he doesn't like).

Check out Top Three with Carnage below.

Photo Credit Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio