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The buildup to Metallica's set at Glastonbury this weekend had plenty of controversy, especially surrounding frontman James Hetfield's hunting habits.  But rather than ignore it and get straight to the music, the metal vets opened Saturday night's headlining set with a tongue-in-cheek video dubbed "Glastallica." 

Directed by English filmmaker Julien Temple, the clip opens with scenes from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly before cutting away to footage of fox hunts in the British countryside.  It all ends when a quartet of bears comes out of the woods and begins to shoot the fox hunters.  The bears eventually reveal themselves to be all four grinning members of Metallica. 

Once the real show began, Hetfield told the Glasto crowd that he and his bandmates were "very proud" to be there representing the "heavier side of music." 

Metallica was the first metal act ever to headline the festival's famous Pyramid Stage.

Photo: Getty Images